Back in the studio….

Back in the studio….

Fingers crossed we’re all back to good health,antibiotics finished, children  back to school,back into routine and finally  back into the studio.

My first solo exhibition at the Mustard Gallery ,Langholm opens on Saturday 18th January until 25th February.I’m therefore in the process of recording images ,dimensions,materials and carefully wrapping work to take over on Tuesday.I’ll be at the gallery on Saturday  to demonstrate my work-something I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve also been completing some new works which have established themselves over a period of time.I’m pleased with the outcome-especially as they are a new venture for me.

I haven’t put a title to them yet.They are a series of three box- works with materials including Egyptian paste ,shell,slate,burnt paper, hessian,handmade paper,watercolour,acrylic ink,silver leaf,sand and mod-roc.

Each frame measures approximately 18cm x 18cm.They have the depth which allows the layers of materials to be built up.

The photographs don’t really do justice to the colours,layers and textures.
I’m also completing a larger piece that includes the small scrolls I made earlier -crumbs,July 2013!That however,will be my next blog…….x

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