December 1st!

December 1st!

Apologies that it has been so long since my last post but life and it’s priorities often get in the way of my art.It can be frustrating however a tragedy such as the Glasgow disaster on Friday night whereby a police helicopter not only fell out of the sky but landed on a crowded pub certainly helps put things in perspective.

Back in the art world I have exciting news to tell followed by more exciting news…however my lips are sealed for the time being as requested by those involved.In the meantime I’m fortunate to be selecting work to go in the rather wonderful Mustard Gallery at Langholm’s Christmas pop-up exhibition next weekend (6-8 December).I’m selecting 3 larger pieces -2 of which have gone off to the framer’s.

This piece is entitled’Threads’-the photo above is of it in its unfinished state but as it is at the framer’s I couldn’t update it. I used gesso,sand and modelling paste to build the ‘threads’ then used a printing roller to build layers of colour with acrylic paint. Acrylic ink was then used on the textured areas before adding highlights of silver leaf.The canvas is 20 x 60 cm and a departure from the square canvases I had been using.The threads relate to the Three Norns who sit and weave  the destiny of men. I wanted an element of fragility  within the texture to represent  our own lives,  life cycle and how our threads intertwine with so many others.

I’ll blog again soon with Part 2 of my work but have a wonderful December…can’t quite work out how that crept up so quickly……

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