Just juggling in general….

Just juggling in general….

Well to say it’s been a while is an understatement!In fact a Facebook Artist friend asked what gets in the way of your art which is easy to answer because as  a Mum then the list is endless…which isn’t a problem,just more juggling involved and differing priorities. 

For the children one of the priorities is food with  home-cooked meals and baking generally available…but this was my daughter pointing out that there was no food left after I realised there were no eggs to finish the meatballs!Unfortunately as she is currently revising for Higher exams then her weekly baking sessions have also been temporarily been postponed.

Sadly we laid my mother-in-law to rest on Friday March 7th.It turned out to be a memorable  day as the service was beautiful and afterwards  catching up with family and friends who we don’t see very often as we live so far away.In the meantime ,an old school friend was having a major operation to remove a brain tumour so it was quite a day.It was such a relief when her sister posted on Facebook that everything was ok…and 3 days later back home.So Fi,   wishing you a speedy recovery and continuing good health should you be reading this xx

There have been a number of  deadlines and exciting developments in my art life. I now ,along with my lists, have a colour-coded diary to ensure I don’t miss handing -in  or picking- up dates or appointments which is a  bit sad  but works for me.  
This was the piece I handed in for Spring Fling Exhibition at Gracefield which opened on Friday night.  I’m really pleased with it…

This is it framed and photographed in the garden-well I needed natural light! What a difference a frame makes.Thank-you ‘Phil’s Frames’ on Buccleugh St ,Dumfries.

Last weekend I had managed to secure two tickets for the Spring Fling Rural Mural workshop .Ross and I donned old clothes and had a great time.Spray-painting was just awesome once we managed the can manipulation.These are the results…

Ross was doing a Banksy and refused to be photographed and as he thought my face mask was an improvement  I definitely won’t be posting an action shot.
I’m just waiting confirmation of some really good news and an exciting opportunity .Now,I’m off to watch Ross play football…but luckily dinner is in the oven and the washing is already out…list completed  x

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