It is now only two weeks until Spring Fling,our open studio event across Dumfries and Galloway.Though if I take off next weekend as we’re away for a swimming competition in Sunderland, the afternoon at the hairdressers to make myself look presentable for visitors!!!,a visit to the Spring Fling Taster exhibition at Annan on Friday 18th with a friend and various other family activities then time is short.

My lists are helping in keeping me organised and jobs/chores prioritised.My  studio is in my house,the dining room to be exact,so  there is plenty to do and stuff to move so I can welcome visitors. 

One piece that will be on show is a canvas that I recently revisited and reworked . It’s entitled Niddhog. Nidhogg is  the serpent who lives at the base of Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree and gnaws away at its roots. In this piece however, I’ve used him in the form of a rock carving and placed him in a landscape. My landscape emerges from plaster, hessian,gesso,modelling paste,soft pastel and acrylic paint.This image gives an idea of how it looks however in real life it appears dynamic and 3-dimensional…..


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