Progress report

Progress report

As my exhibition at the Crown Gallery,Carlisle starts on October 26th I reckon that with the summer holidays starting here in Scotland next week then I have to remain focused -otherwise time is going to drift on by ….
Wimbledon too is a huge distraction but with Nadal going out then I’m not so interested!

I’ve had a quiet few days where I’ve been looking at ideas,jotting things down,researching .This piece is a work in progress which I actually started pre Spring Fling and is gradually becoming into the idea I had in my head at the start.  

Using gesso,sand and modelling paste I crafted two panels or windows on the canvas.I am trying to achieve an aged,archival look. Where I feel the surrounding area is complete I am searching for the central idea. It won’t be much-maybe a small collage or further painting.Something that will grab the attention and draw the viewer in…..

Tomorrow I am taking a new painting down to New Abbey to Abbey Cottage where my work is on show until Sunday. I may even treat myself to a pot of tea and a scone as they are delicious there and the tea award-winning….and then delivery of a painting to a lovely new customer….Oh,Djokovic is now playing….happy days indeed

And detail…

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