I started a new piece of work based on the Three Norns who sit at the base of Yggdrasil and weave the destiny of men.    I feel that this will be an important element in the body of work I am currently developing for my exhibition at Crown Gallery,Carlisle starting late  October.

I’m particularly interested in the thread-our fate,how long our thread is going to be,how it weaves and intertwines with people in our lives. The piece is currently work in progress but I’m pleased with the outcome so far……

The image isn’t brilliant however it shows the more minimal approach I’ve adopted and the size of canvas-20 x 60 cm .It remains untitled as yet however the thread appears solid in parts and fragmented as it winds its way down the canvas. I’ll put it away for now and revisit it next week. It gives me time to think about it and note what needs doing or not doing next…..

Detail-top right

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