Another busy week…but in a good way.I’m in the middle of a watercolour- based mixed media phase at the moment.The Winter Olympic Games from Sochi are quite a distraction but inspirational .Having a TV in my studio/dining room means I can follow the action in between adding layers…..  

I’m using Arches 300 gsm paper on which I’ll do un underdrawing followed by light washes of watercolour paint.Gradually I add layers of watercolour then gouache and finally acrylic ink to achieve the depth to my work .
It can be a long process as I wait for layers to dry before starting again. It allows me to look at the work and work out was is required in the next application.
Finally I’ll use pencil and fine pen to draw the tiny lines-this can also take hours but again,is quite therapeutic.To finish off I add tiny slivers of gold or silver leaf which adds a final highlight to the piece.

Working this way can be quite a challenge…sometimes I think I’ve lost it …only to leave it,come back to it and it works out well.It can be difficult to know when a piece is finished.I tend to stop quite early on before tentatively adding bits here and there.

I’ve also been experimenting with new colour palettes. It’s easy to become stuck in a rut however experimenting with colours in sketchbooks avoids paper wastage….and keeping ideas in mind for the next piece.

This is ‘Vanaheim’,50 x 30 cm, watercolour mixed media…..photographed before the gold leaf was applied.New colour palette and new techniques which I’m quite excited about.

After discussions on Facebook with a fellow artist,I’ve decided my next challenge will be to go big.The lady in question thought my work was large from the images she could see so we’ll just have to see what happens next……

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